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How do I know what’s best for my hair type? 

To guide you to the best option for your hair type, I offer a $20 consultation, in-person or virtually. Click here to book now.


Will you install hair purchased outside of the Rockka Luxe Collection? 

To receive salon services (weaves, extensions, custom wigs) all hair must be purchased exclusively from the Rockka Luxe Collection. I will not perform services on another stylist’s work. 

Can I reuse bundles, closures, and/or frontals? 

Yes. Depending upon the level of chemical processing and appropriate care and maintenance, bundles, closures, and frontals may all be reused.

Can I pick up my order in-store? 

Yes. At checkout, select the option to pick up your order in-store. You can expect your order in 5-7 business days for local pickup in Madison, Wisconsin.

Do you guarantee refunds, returns, or exchanges on hair? 

Rockka Luxe Collection LLC do not guarantee refunds, returns, or exchanges on hair. Please email with any questions, comments, or concerns.

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